6 Remarkable Benefits of Animated Videos Everyone Overlooks

Over the years, animated videos have emerged as powerful yet often overlooked storytelling and brand communication tools. Despite their potential, many animations end up relegated to forgotten corners of websites, missing out on the attention, potential and value they hold.

To prevent your animation from fading into obscurity, we are going to share the six overlooked benefits of animated videos. These benefits are going to help boost your marketing goals alongside the full animation you've invested in. It can amplify website views, reduce queries, or increase sales conversions.

So, without further ado, let's dive in!

Current Norms

Many studios or freelancers will typically provide you with exactly what you requested. Whether that’s a single short video or a larger suite of videos.

What many don’t realise is that with every animated production, a large quantity of content and collateral falls by the wayside. When investing in an animation, you accidentally create all these other valuable byproducts.

Animated content production spans weeks of hard work across multiple individuals and artists. It takes a large quantity of content to piece together this film, but it never occurs to most that this content can and should be used alongside the animation… not just within it!

What are the benefits of the animated videos?

Here’s an overview of the diverse benefits of animated videos you may have overlooked!

High-Quality Stills

A typical animation comprises 25 to 30 ‘still images’ compressed into every second. This means if your video is 60 seconds you potentially have 1500 high-quality still frames that could be extracted from your content and used elsewhere.

Clients can easily select and use these stills in varied ways, whether that's refurbished into thumbnails, banners or graphics on a website, or added into sales presentations, brochures or slide decks.

Video Clips/Loops

Similar to the above point, whether it's been provided by the studio or cut out using free editing software, you can extract small clips from the video to be utilised in stand-alone ways. Whether that's editing the animated logo into other content or using sections as b-roll in other videos you create.

Asset Library

In any production, the artists are likely to end up with a huge database of graphics, illustrations, and characters used in the animation.

These assets can be used throughout your whole brand if necessary, saving you time and money by not having them be created separately. Additionally, it helps with brand reinforcement. For example, characters moving out of your video and slowly becoming brand mascots!

A great example is the project we did for the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England, to support their digitising social care campaign. Click here to find out more about the project!

Image: Digitising Social Care Website - great example showing the benefits of animated videos.

Audio Track

One we commonly see slip through the track is the audio. Depending on your target market, it could be very cost-effective to then adapt the voiceover and music into audio advertisements, whether used in podcasts or radio!

The only thing to be mindful of here is if you want to share the audio on TV you should let the animators know first. Terms and conditions for voice artists can vary depending on who you work with!   

Short Edits for Advertising

If you have your eye on paid advertising, consider cutting the main animated video into short clips, optimised for things like YouTube pre-roll. This is far more cost-effective than having something custom-made after the project. You can use the short clips to hook the audience's attention and direct them to your full-length video.

Clear Messaging and Sales Script

With every animation comes a painstakingly crafted script, professionally written to concisely nail your message in as short a time frame as possible. It makes total sense to use this language in your own sales efforts too.

Whether that's adapting your sales pitch to match, tweaking the language and messaging online or even aligning your pitch deck with the script.

How we do things differently at Motion Manor

We believe in doing business the ‘right’ way.

As a result, we never hide these invaluable assets behind fine print or paywalls. With every project we create, we provide all of the above as standard… not to mention ownership of the IP. Even today, we still see clients getting burnt by artists who refuse to hand over things that in our opinion… a client has rightly paid for. We aim to provide our clients with as much reusable content as possible.

This increases the chances of your investment making a bigger impact.

So don’t forget to ask your studio or creatives. Unfortunately, even today many will try and charge you. 

Our Thoughts

The goal is not just to create animated video content.

The goal is to help you reach your objective. These additional assets aren’t merely supplementary; they are catalysts for engagement. They drive traffic and amplify the animated video's impact. Each element serves a purpose in extending the reach of the animation. It sparks excitement through snippets and seamlessly integrates assets into future campaigns.

At Motion Manor, our commitment extends beyond animation production. It encompasses empowering our clients to wield their content effectively. It’s not just about telling a story. It’s about enabling our clients to extend that story’s impact.

This ensures it reverberates across channels, resonates with audiences, and fulfils objectives. 

So, are looking for an animation studio that can help you create awe-inspiring animated videos accompanied by all the benefits mentioned above? Get in touch today and let’s get the conversation started!

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