Putting people back at the heart of Climate Transformations

Animated Event Video | 2D Animation

What was the mission?

“How can we live differently and better to meet the needs for urgent emissions reductions across all areas of our lives?” The Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) has been working to answer this question for half a decade.

CAST is one of the UK’s first major research centres focused on social science and climate change. They study the central role of people in climate transformations.

Motion Manor was approached by the CAST team to create an animation aimed to communicate what it is that they do as an organisation as well as to showcase the five key messages collated from their research findings.

The client's key objectives for this animation include:

  • Highlighting the five key findings through character, on-screen text and voice-over script.
  • Incorporate illustrations that represent positive behavioural changes. For example, people cycling, walking, taking public transport instead of driving.
  • Integrate the CAST brand throughout the animation.

What were the challenges?

Catering to a Diverse Audience

The CAST organisation and its variety of research represented an expansive and diverse audience. Therefore, we had to ensure that the characters portrayed in the animations reflected this diversity while also maintaining consistency in illustration style.

Preventing Information Overload

Condensing five years' worth of research into a 185-second animation presented a challenge. The script had to effectively communicate a significant amount of information while keeping the audience engaged. To achieve this, we adopted a conversational tone, avoided excessive use of jargon and worked closely with the CAST team to ensure their findings were being accurately communicated.

Representing Diverse Behaviours

Visually representing the variety of positive behavioural changes throughout the animation while aligning with the research findings. Additionally, incorporating visually striking transitions and textures to enhance the overall impact.

Brand Consistency and Accessibility

The client required many of the assets from the animation to be repurposed for diverse marketing purposes. Therefore, maintaining brand consistency was crucial, ensuring accessibility for effortless integration across various platforms and mediums.

What was the outcome?

Managing the production process from ideation to final asset delivery, we collaborated closely with the client to shape the script, ensuring it accurately reflected their research findings. Despite the challenge of condensing vast information into a three-minute animation, iterative refinement with the client allowed us to seamlessly integrate all key elements into the final script.

In addition, we maximised the incorporation of information through artwork and animation to bolster the message. From illustrating positive behavioural changes at both community and individual levels—such as cycling, walking, and opting for public transport over driving—to showcasing sustainable living practices like home heat pumps, solar panels, central heating thermostats, wind farms, and community gardens, each visual element reinforces the importance of progress and sustainability highlighted in their research.

Maintaining consistency throughout the animation was crucial, particularly given our choice of sideways scene transitions. This decision played a pivotal role in achieving a seamless finish. Furthermore, we incorporated subtle movements into the characters and surrounding environments, right down to a leaf swaying in the foreground, all contributing to a polished, engaging, low-fi vibe animation.

What were the Deliverables?


The final video as a full HD MP4 to be shared across email, social media and online.


We provided two sets of Subtitles, one hardcoded into the video (for events) and one where it could be switched off (for online)


The client received access to a folder with high quality artwork extracted from the video to be used in other marketing channels.


High quality CMYK 300DPI images of our artwork to be used in the accompanying print report.


Short video clips from the animation that could be used on social media for promotional purposes.


The client received ownership of all the artwork and assets, meaning they could receive all the files free of charge.
We were so impressed with the service and standard of Motion Manor's work. From the outset, they provided great ideas and a clear pathway to creating an animation and set of visuals in the timeframe we had. We are very happy with the final product and felt we had ample opportunity to input, despite a short timeframe for delivery. Thank you so much!

Jess David

Centre Manager - Centre for Climate and Social Transformations
Bath University
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