Digitising the Social Care Sector

What was the mission?

For an extended period, successive governments have disregarded the issues confronting adult social care, including improving person-centred care, refining the social care funding system, and providing necessary training, support, and recognition to carers, without whom quality care cannot be delivered.

To combat this, The Department of Health and Social Care, in collaboration with NHS England, has launched the Digitising Social Care Initiative.

The DHSC is undergoing a multi-year plan to not only overhaul the Social Care sector usage of Digital Technology, but to onboard and educate individuals within the system as the Technology is implemented.

The team at Motion Manor was approached to create a number of animated videos that will support their objectives in educating the sector on the benefits of Digital Technology and how the Digitising Social Care Team can help them through the transition.

What were the challenges?

Whilst creating animated video content for the DHSC, we would run in to a number of challenges we would need to tackle throughout production.

Catering to a Diverse Audience

The Social Care Sector is vast, with an incredible diverse audience that would be watching the video’s we create. Many are resistant to change and fear the impact Digital Technology could have.

Preventing Information Overload

The script would have to cover a lot of information, whilst remaining engaging and accessible to the audience. The content had to be easy to understand and connect with.

Being Visually Unique

The Social Care sector historically uses very generic styles of animation, that age quickly and aren’t memorable.

Brand Consistency and Accessibility

The content would need to be repurposed for brand consistency in other areas of marketing.

What was the outcome?

We handled the production all the way from Ideation through to delivering the final assets, working alongside the client to shape the script.

The script was carefully crafted to seamlessly guide us through the key points, but in a tone of voice that was easy going and conversational. This would help the content be more relatable, as we wanted to ensure that the script always looked at things from the perspective of how it would benefit the social worker and patients.

We then proposed a unique art style to the sector, including a reduced colour palette with textured artwork. This would make the content clean, on brand, but also bring warmth and softness to the characters, as opposed to making it too ‘corporate’ or ‘clinical.

We then created a broad spectrum of characters to be showcased throughout the video, to tap into the diversity and range of people involved within the sector. We created multiple Social Workers that could be re-implemented in future videos too.

Lastly, after bringing the animation to life, all of the art files were broken down into high quality assets that the client can use throughout their marketing activities. These assets are now being rolled out across the website as well as print material, due to the overwhelmingly positive reception they have received.

What were the Deliverables?


The final video as a full HD MP4 to be shared across email, social media and online.


We provided two sets of Subtitles, one harcoded into the video and one where it could be switched off.


The client received access to a folder with high quality artwork extracted from the video to be used in other marketing channels.


10x high quality still images from the animation, to be used when promoting the video, as well as a thumbnail.


Short video clips from the animation that could be used on social media for promotional purposes.


The client received ownership of all the artwork and assets, meaning they could receive all the files free of charge.
We have worked with Motion Manor to develop two animations and they've been so successful that we're already planning more. We've been so impressed at how Ant and the team have been able to take a complicated proposition and make it accessible without losing any of the relevant detail. The quality and speed of the work that they produce has been outstanding and the films have been very well received by our target audience of social care providers.

Stephanie Nimmo

Communications and Engagement Lead
Digitising Social Care Programme
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