Plant-based Dog Food

dogood - Dog Food... for good.

What was the mission?

DoGood are on a mission to build a sustainable future for our pets & planet through 100% plant-based, freshly cooked & nutritional complete dog food. 

Their recipes have been developed with top canine nutritionists (and a Michelin star chef!) to combine plant-powered proteins and organic, whole-food ingredients which nourish your dog without harming the planet or other animals.

A mission like this is something we could 100% get behind.

What were the challenges?

Alternative Dog Foods is quickly becoming a saturated market. It was was crucial DoGood had something that highlighted their unique qualities and showcased their product in an engaging way.

Differentiation in the marketplace

dogood were up against some big brand names, so needed to create content that not only aligned to their existing brand, but seperated themselves in the marketplace.


As a startup it was essential that dogood got to test their messaging in a variety of ways, so content needed to be suitable for paid and organic social.

Messaging validation

dogood's messaging was still being tested so the content needed to be accesible to be tweaked.

Startup resources

Like many startups, we have to get creative with the resources available to get the biggest bang for their buck, without compromising on quality.

What out was the outcome?

We worked with dogood to determine their key messages that would like to deliver and how they would like to deliver them.

From this, we were able to guide from a strategic perspective on how content should be implemented.

From here, we created idea's for a number of videos that could be used in varied ways. Whether this was on the website, social media or at an event.

We purposefully designed the different animations to cater to the needs of it's usage and the platform it was on. For example, social first content was made in a square format, whereas event and website content was widescreen.

What were the Deliverables?


HD videos were created and optimised to be used as paid advertisements on social media.


A number of longer videos were created and broken down into micro content for maximum usage.


We animated the logo and it's variants to be re-used in future content.


High quality still images from the animation, to be used when promoting the video.


Short video clips from the animation that could be used on social media for promotional purposes.


The client received ownership of all the artwork and assets, meaning they could receive all the files free of charge.
Motion Manor were an absolute pleasure to work with in creating four engaging videos for us. They took time to fully understand the brief and develop ideas with us, listening to feedback and producing content which was totally on-brand. We also benefited from their experience as they gave us ideas for how to use these vids to reach customers with key messages, which was invaluable for our startup brand. We would 100% recommend Motion Manor to any business looking for a partner in developing some truly eye-catching and informative content.

S. Hutchins

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