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Don't Hurt Your Visual Identity with These Motion Design Mistakes

Maintaining a strong brand visual identity isn’t as easy as you’d think. Especially when a few too many still think that a logo is the only thing that’s required but the logo alone doesn’t represent the entirety of a brand. With countless businesses, striving to establish their visual identity, possessing a robust brand has turned […]

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Animation VS Live-Action Videos Pros and Cons

There are many ways to create video content, whether that's DIY, internal staff or working with an external team. Either way, your goal is to create content that brings you closer to achieving an outcome, with the resources you have available to do so. And when it comes to video content the two main approaches […]

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Vertical Videos: 5 Reasons Why NOT Using it is Hurting Your Brand

The surge of vertical videos is undeniable, and brands must embrace it before they get left behind. Let’s start with an experiment.  Right now, whip out your phone and look at the last video you recorded. Chances are, you held it upright, capturing the moment in all its vertical glory. You wouldn’t be alone, as […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Nailing Your Animation Pre Production

A successful animated video campaign requires solid pre production planning to ensure a smooth and effective development process. However, pre-production for animation is often misunderstood, as it has unique demands compared to other mediums, such as live-action video content. To prepare your organisation for any animation project, it's essential to understand the various stages of […]

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Leveraging Animation to Address Key Challenges in Social Care

The social care sector in the UK is facing several challenges when it comes to effectively communicating its services to the public. While the healthcare industry has undergone a digital transformation in marketing and communications, the social care sector has not yet fully translated to these new strategies, leaving many social care services struggling to […]

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Short-Form Videos: The Future of Digital Content in 2023

As our attention spans continue to shrink and mobile devices become an increasingly dominant force in our daily lives, it is clear that short-form video content is poised to take over the digital landscape in 2023. With its ability to capture and hold viewers' attention in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks, this format is quickly becoming […]

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Sustainability: The Importance of Positive Storytelling

Are you familiar with the 2030 Sustainability Agenda put forward by the United Nations? If not, don't worry - you're not alone. In fact, if you visit their website to learn more about the agenda, you'll likely find yourself facing pages upon pages of information that can be overwhelming to navigate. The agenda tries to […]

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The Role of AI in the Animation Industry

The recent emergence of AI platforms like Midjourney, Chat GPT, DALL-E 2, and Lensa App has sparked a mix of reactions in the animation industry. While some are excited about the potential of these tools, others worry about the impact on their careers… Especially in the creative industry. AI-generated artwork made a significant impact on […]

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How to Best Utilise Animation in Your Sales Funnel?

As more and more marketers turn to video marketing, the pressure is on to make video content that sticks and works within your sales process. With careful planning, you can use video to move people through your sales funnel. When used correctly, video can be an extremely powerful sales tool.  So if you're looking to […]

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7 Ways Businesses Use Animation to Connect with Their Audience.

Whenever we mention animation, a surprising amount of people still think of movies like “The Lion King” and “Toy Story”, as opposed to the commercial application. What many people fail to realise is that animation has a vast array of applications. It can be used in marketing, advertisement, education, training, as well as entertainment. This […]

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