Create Your Own Subtitles: The Best Software and Tips

More and more people are creating video content, with people investing in professional videography, animation or even whipping up creative content on their mobile devices. Video is becoming more accessible to create, but may not be as accessible to view as you think.

The first seven seconds of your video have to grip your viewer, but most social platforms don’t support auto-play on the audio… It’s hard for your audience to engage when they can’t hear your punchy intro that took forty attempts to record correctly. 

Subtitles are a simple way to make sure your video content remains accessible to as broad an audience as possible.

How many videos have you watched where listening to audio wasn’t possible or even appropriate?

Some things that may stop you from hearing the audio could be:

  • Partial/Complete hearing loss.
  • You don’t understand the language.
  • Being in a noisy environment.
  • You’re in a meeting.
  • You’re In a public area
  • On public transport

Creating your own subtitles to add to videos is a great step forward to make your content as accessible as possible for those who simply cannot play sound in that moment in being able to better enjoy the content that you create.

Now that we understand why subtitles are so important, we can move forward to the bigger question: how does one create them?

Subtitle Creation Software:

There are both free and paid software subscriptions that will allow you to add subtitles to your videos. Most of these software services have an introductory free plan as well as paid options. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. If you are in need of professional-grade software, you most likely want to put out some money.



The first free subtitle generator on the list today is VEED.

A simple program, this video editing software will create subtitles for your video and then allow you to edit them. VEED also generates time stamps, which are a helpful option for those looking to move throughout your video independently. 



YouTube will also create automatic captioning for your videos. This is a wonderful option if you are going to be uploading your videos to YouTube. Otherwise, this may not be the best choice for you because of the lack of ease in exportability. You 'can' export subtitles from Youtube... it just isn't the most straightforward process.



Another great option for free subtitle creation is Subly. With one click, you are able to transcribe audio and video easily. There is also a translation option which is ideal for videos with far-reaching audiences. While Subly is free of charge, there are also premium features you can pay for.



The next free subtitle maker on our list is still in the Beta stages. It is Kapwing’s auto-subtitle maker.

This new feature allows you to paste a URL into the system (or upload a video directly from your computer). However, you will want to carefully review the auto-generated captions as this project is still in the Beta phase. 



Next, Zubtitle is another wonderful resource for anyone looking for an extremely accurate piece of software. With the option to download .TXT and .SRT files, Zubtitle is a versatile download. It also features video-enhancing options such as cropping, progress bar animations, and many more awesome ideas for your videos.



The last free automatic caption generator we will talk about today is Quicc. Also allowing .SRT file creation, this software is not quite as multi-purposed at Zubtitle but will still get the job done. New accounts have the option to get an additional five minutes of free captioning!


$29 and up

As for the fully paid subtitle creators, they get pretty advanced. The paid speech-to-text software we will discuss is Maestra. Featuring the opportunity for a free trial, this software will save you plenty of time and energy with a great bang for your buck. 

In Conclusion…

Subtitles are very important in today’s world of technological advances. Lots of communication is conducted through video, and for those with hearing loss subtitles are one of the best ways that we can get our message across. 

Utilise subtitle generation software today in order to keep your videos accessible to everyone. And remember, the more accessible your videos are, the greater outreach your content will have.

At Motion Manor, our Animated Explainer Video content comes with FREE subtitles as standard. We can even provide translations and international subtitles for a small fee.

If you are interested in creating an animated video content for your business do get in touch with us. We are always happy to help!

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