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Every year, wyzowl takes the time to survey marketing professionals and online consumers to keep the world up to date on the growth and trends in video marketing. For me, it’s a fantastic read, hectic business owners like yourself? Maybe not so much. That’s why we’ve taken the time to extract some crucial tidbits so you get the gist of what is going on.

The study revealed that 87% of businesses are applying video as part of their marketing strategy, showing a sharp rise from 63% in 2017, and 81% in 2018. Both small and large businesses are using video marketing to promote their products/services and the number of companies incorporating video marketing is clearly on the rise. The survey also showed that there’s been a 24% increase in usage of video marketing in the year between 2017-2018. 83% of marketers surveyed answered that they are getting a good ROI from using video marketing techniques. Not bad hey?

A number of benefits were experienced by businesses utilising video marketing;

  • 94% of marketers answered that video has helped them increase user understanding of their product or service. 
  • 84% of them also could see the build-up in traffic to their website. 
  • 81% saw growth in leads. 
  • 80% saw increased dwell time on their website.
  • 41% stated that the video has helped them reduce support calls. 

When looking into the benefits of utilising video as part of their marketing tool, it was found that; 

  • 96% of people watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. 
  • 79% of people bought an app or software after watching the brand’s promotional video.
  • 68% of people today prefer to learn about a new product or services by watching a short video rather than articles, infographic, presentation or manuals. 

Overall, Wyzowl’s annual video marketing survey helps clarify the current landscape of the video marketing world. Their study highlighted the thriving and growing industry that continues to add significant value to both marketers and consumers. These findings are also calling attention to the speedy rise in brands and marketers utilising video as a method of promoting their product or service.

If anything the results show that if we’re not using it, our competitors probably are or will be. Ask yourself “If my potential customer wants it, how can I give it to them?” The answer may be investing in live-action production, it may be recording short tip videos on your mobile phone or it may even be you consider an animation.

If you’re stuck and video content is something you’re considering, just get in touch, we’ll happily offer advice to point you in the right direction. 

To see the full findings of the wyzowl study please check it out the LINK

I’m also interested to see how video content has helped you directly, please comment if you have your own experience with implementing video marketing and how it worked out for you!

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