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As the world evolves, so does where we place our focus.

From the radio to TV, to the internet, the audience’s attention is constantly shifting.

A lot of businesses fail to understand that you can’t market to a prospect who isn’t paying attention. Many big businesses still pay millions of pounds to advertise on TV, but be honest, do you even watch the ads? Do you even watch TV anymore?!? I’ll be the first to admit on the rare occasion that I’m watching TV if an advertisement appears I immediately pick up my phone and do something else.

You HAVE to go where the audience’s attention is to begin with.

Only then will you have a fighting chance, but now you’re shouting at the right people, what do you say?

Imagine you’re in a large room, with 1000 potential customers. You start shouting about your business, but pretty soon other’s do exactly the same. Before you know it, dozens of voices scream the same messages at the top of their lungs. Some are loud, some are frequent, some even stand on tables! At the end of the day, it’s the same old marketing message with the same benefits as everybody else.

So what are you going to do to stand out from the crowd?

Nowadays, with social media channels becoming so saturated, what you say is not as important as how you say it. Everybody is shouting the same thing anyway, so you need to make sure your message is the one that actually engages the audience and stays in the memory of your audience for longer.

So think outside the box and get creative.

How can your message be the one that intrigues the audience’s attention?

1. Value, value, value!

Give your audience something they will actually be grateful for. A resource, template, advice, tips, training. One way to engage and build loyalty is to give without expectation. Sincerely ask what can I create or give to the audience that will make their life easier.

2. Research who is doing it well and stea…… borrow their ideas.

Have a look at companies similar in size and scope to you, but with a completely different audience. What are they doing well on social media? How are they doing it? Is there something you can adapt to your own channel to engage and bring value to your own audience?

Take a look at Innocent Drinks Facebook page during covid-19….nailing it and they don’t even talk about smoothies. Just really creative, unique, quirky posts. 

3. Storytelling

Give your audience a story they can relate to. Whether it’s the written word, a video, or better yet an animation. Storytelling is a primal form of communication that resonates with the audience in a way that will engage for years to come. Make your content creative, memorable and quirky all in one go.

Regardless of how you engage your audience’s attention, just make sure first of all it’s the right audience. Then get creative to make sure YOUR brand is the one they think of MORE when the time comes for them to need whatever it is you offer.

We hope you find this article of use, above all we want to create content that YOU find engaging and useful. If you have any queries or topics you would like to hear more on please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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