InkTober 2023 Challenge

Every year artists around the world eagerly await the month of October to participate in the global InkTober challenge. An opportunity for artists to practice drawing, develop their skills and share their work with thousands of others who take part.

Created in 2009, a single artist created InkTober and it has grown into an annual global challenge with thousands of participants taking part.

This year, we were keen to take the opportunity to allow our own creative team to participate to develop their skills, but also see what ideas we could come up with.

After all, for many artists… drawing isn’t the issue. It’s knowing ‘what’ to draw.

It’s like when writers stare at a blank page for days on end not knowing how to start their manuscript.

So we decided to do things differently.

We wanted to use the opportunity of InkTober to showcase inspiring organisations that are working tirelessly to protect endangered species, habitats, wildlife, oceans and so much more.

We wish we could have done more, but with the time we had available, these are the organisations we focused on.

Click on the Caption to view the organisation's website, or click on the image itself to see the full image!

Please take the time to check out the amazing work each organisation are doing, look at the artwork and let us know if you have a favourite.

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