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This month, we were honoured to be nominated as the company of the month by The Buddy Bag Foundation (BBF). We worked together with them to create a video to showcase what BBF is all about and their recently launched Buddy Bag Challenge Box. 

The BBF provides “bags of love” to children being forced into emergency care, to make them feel more comfortable in this time of stress and uncertainty. The backpack contains all the essential items a child needs; toiletries, pyjamas, socks and underwear. They also include comfort items such as a book, a photo frame and a teddy bear. A Buddy Bag is something a child can call their own, no matter where they go. The bags are tailored to suit babies, children and young people according to age groups and gender.

This charity organisation was initiated by Karen Williams who drew inspiration from an article she read about the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in Australia. They have delivered over 60,000 Buddy Bags to children in emergency care since 2007. Upon returning to the UK, Karen researched the facilities and discovered that the number of children entering into emergency care in the UK is rising rapidly and there is a huge need for Buddy Bag. To ensure as many children as possible benefitted from the Buddy Bag scheme, Karen established the BBF.

This is all made possible through the assistance of volunteers, sponsorships and donations. 

What was the problem they faced?

Normally, the backpacks are filled by volunteers and dropped off at women’s refuges, however, due to the virus and social distancing measures, the volunteers were unable to come together to bag the items. 

Therefore, BBF devised the new challenge box which would allow businesses to collate the items and pack them in their places of work as a CSR exercise. 

What they then needed to do was to spread the message clearly and concisely as possible, to ensure that children going into emergency care would continue to receive these Buddy Bags throughout the pandemic.

Why did we make the video?

Karen reached out to us after someone suggested the idea of utilising animation to launch the new challenge box idea. 

After having a few opportunities over the years to help the BBF personally, we saw this as a great opportunity to help spread their incredible message to a larger audience online. 

To ensure we could get the video created as fast as possible, without compromising quality, Karen Williams introduced some other wonderful individuals to help bring the video together. Katie Leedham (Bemoreroar) created the illustrations and Olivia Hill (Actress, BBF Patron) to do the voiceover. 

Check out the final video below!

How can you get involved?

The BBF is a magnificent charity organisation working incredibly hard to make a difference in the lives of children in emergency care. Every donation and/or the time you can give to volunteer will make a difference to a child in emergency care. 

Please support this organisation!

Link to the BBF website: https://buddybagfoundation.co.uk/donations-time-money/

For more information contact: karen@buddybagfoundation.co.uk or hello@buddybagfoundation.co.uk

Buddy Bag Challenge Box information: https://buddybagfoundation.co.uk/bbf-challenge-box/

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