What is an animated explainer video?

Animated explainer videos are a highly versatile tool that is designed to engage, entertain and educate your audience in a way that is unique to your brand. It articulates what it is that your business, product or service does in a clear and succinct way. It also does an excellent job at highlighting your brand by using your colours, fonts and music to engage the audience whilst highlighting what problems you are able to solve.

We get asked all the time "What is an animated explainer video?", well, that's it in a nutshell... but what about the benefits and key features?

Educational Storyline

A key feature of an animated explainer video is the storyline. You need to teach your audience about your new product or idea in a way that is simple and straightforward so that it’s easy to understand. Using animation expresses your ideas quickly by breaking them down into easy-to-digest messages.

Animation's wide variety in styles and limitless scope of imagination increases audience engagement and allows you to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Brand Exposure

When you create animated explainer videos, they need to be splashed with your brand colours and other elements linking to your brand. This includes your logos and fonts. Your audience needs to be able to identify you from the pool of competitors on a daily basis. You want your audience to recognise who you are instantly - so make your brand pop!


You should always keep an animated explainer video specific to your audience. This way, you can solve their problems and answer their questions. Don't forget, animated explainer videos may be about your brand, but they’re about your audience, too!

Stimulates Both Senses For Better Retention

Animated explainer videos utilise both visual and auditory mediums to stimulate the brain to better retain the information being projected. Utilising music and voice-overs in a video helps set the mood and navigates your audience through the video while expanding further on what's being shown on the screen. Combining both of these elements will ensure that your ideas get through in a more effective way.

So, 'What is an Animated Explainer Video?'

In summary, animated explainer videos are an excellent tool that is able to simply and clearly define a wide range of complex ideas into an engaging visual package for your audience. Whilst being able to highlight your brand throughout the video visually in various ways, it is also able to set the tone and draw the audience in through voice-overs and music. All of these elements allow your audience to be able to walk away with a better understanding of what it is that your business offers and why its products or services are important.

At Motion Manor, we've created many explainer videos over the years for our clients and we understand how effective they can be for your business. If you are unsure of where to start with your explainer video journey please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@motionmanor.co.uk. We'll do our best to put you in the right direction.

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