Why are animations so popular? Here are 6 great reasons.

Since the beginning of time humans have been drawn to movement.  

Thanks to our ancestors, our DNA is hard-wired to make decisions instinctually to survive. Being able to move, progress, and develop meant that they were able to protect themselves from becoming extinct. This obsession with motion still remains within us and animation somehow captures and recreates movements that make it difficult for us to keep our eyes off the content. 

In this article, we are going to discuss why are animations so popular today, and why that’s only going to continue. 

Reason 1: Childhood Nostalgia

Most of us grew up watching cartoons and animations in one form or another, it could have been through TV, a comic strip in the newspaper, movies, and for millennials, most likely streaming services. In other words, we associate some of our childhood memories with animations and cartoons. 

Although the number of cartoons and animations that we watch diminish as we become adults, it still has the ability to ignite those childhood memories and your childlike curiosities. This makes animation very powerful because it has the potential to tap into and reignite childhood emotions and memories, just by using animation in your video. 

Of course, this is not the case for all animation videos but wouldn’t you rather make use of that potential?

Reason 2: Cost & Unlimited Freedom in Creativity

I know you would love to know the exact cost of making an animation explainer video but unfortunately, there is no one price fits all. It varies depending on the style, duration, voiceover, music amongst many other things. The fact that animations are client-specific and personalised makes it even more difficult to give it an exact figure. 


If you were to compare high-quality live-action video to high-quality animation video, it can be a lot cheaper to make an animation video. 

Animation explainer videos also tend to work out cheaper in the long term as they are usually future-proofed. It’s a lot easier to access the files and tweak, alter, and amend elements down the line if the business changes or rebrands. 

With Live-action video it is more difficult to update or alter the material say one year down the line, especially, if you want to recapture the same scenes with all the same people involved. 

Another reason why animation remains so popular today is that humans are creative and innovative creatures, and animation offers that platform to express themselves in whatever way, shape or form they want. 

Reason 3: Escapism from Reality

Animation offers a space to take a brief break from this busy reality we live in. We all face countless obstacles, hurdles and stressors in our daily life and animation offers that bridge for us to have a break from all of that.

By creating an emotional journey for your audience, you give them a brief glimpse of what life could be like if they addressed the problems they are facing and was able to overcome them. After all, that’s why you’ve made the video, you want to sell your solution most likely!

Animation’s ability to create something unimaginable, makes our imagination go wild and oftentimes it can even inspire us. 

Reason 4: Action makes more impact than empty words

We often encounter clients that want to screen features, features, features!

It is understandable that you want to say as much as possible about your company, service or product, however, visuals and actions are a lot more powerful when trying to explain or educate. Oftentimes too many words will bore and deter your audience, that’s why you need to find a good balance of saying just enough verbally and say the rest silently….by using the visuals on screen!

Doing so will allow your video duration to be shortened and in turn, reduce your production cost and will allow you to load your video with more value than padded out content.

Reason 5: Appealing to a wide range of demographics!

Animation has the capability to tell stories, express emotion and share ideas in a unique and simple way that both children and adults can understand. It also has the ability to connect people throughout the world in a manner that sometimes writing or live-action films cannot. 

Whether consciously or unconsciously, when watching live-action films we form biases based on the appearance and real-life personality of the actor/ actress playing the character. 

On the other hand, an animated character feels like their own being and frequently they aren’t even humans or animals which makes it more universal and inclusive. We were once designing characters for a client with a global audience, we were keeping the art style very simple as the client wisely said “It’s hard to be offended by a stick man”, she wasn’t wrong.

Reason 6: More topical today, no need to worry about social distancing!

Working remotely has become part of our life in the past 6 months. It certainly required a lot of adjusting and trials to see what worked and what didn’t for many businesses. 

With current and ever-changing social distancing measures, animation unquestionably makes it easier for many services, business, and brands to reach out and utilise animation content marketing. 

With video production, you will have to worry about making sure that all the crews are 2m apart, wearing masks, gloves and it also requires a safe and accessible location to film. Animation, on the other hand, is possible to create entirely remotely. We’re talking from experience as our studio works entirely remotely.

This makes it less stressful and safe for the clients as well as for the people creating the content. 

In Summary - Why are animations so popular?

Not only does the unlimited creative potential and versatility unlock that channel to reminisce, the visual impact, appeal to a wider audience and accessibility to work remotely all highlight the reasons justifying animations popularity. Animation has certainly come a long way and it is exciting to see where it is headed. 

I hope this article gave you some insight into the reasoning behind the popularity of animations and we would love to hear your views on this so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Why are animations so popular in your opinion? What is your experience, we'd love to hear from you!

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