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You’ve finally decided to invest your time and energy into creating an animated explainer video for your business. You are chuffed with the results and post the completed animation on your website and on your social media. Few weeks pass by and you realise you are not sure what else you can do with your new animated explainer video…

Thankfully, today we are going to look at various ways that you can make the most out of your animated explainer video!

1. Sales Pitch/ Presentation

You don’t have to stick to purely online platforms for an animated video. People often use them in meetings, presentations and pitches. Using them at the start to quickly give your audience an overview of your product, service or idea in 1-2 minutes is a fast and effective way to get people engaged and to get your main points across.

2. Website Landing Pages

If you haven’t posted your explainer video on your website we recommended that you do as study showed that people spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without (wistia). Once they click ‘play’ and engage with your message, they are far less likely to bounce off and far more likely to investigate further and find out more. This in turn will raise your user engagement rate which contributes towards your SEO ranking, making your business more discoverable.

3. Social Media Paid Ads

Sharing a video through social media doesn’t just make for a great post, but really gets your audience to fully understand your message, enticing them to visit your website. 

Incorporating animated video for your paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and so on can really help to get you noticed and generate more business. Each platform has its own smart features for example with Facebook paid ads, it has a feature called Look-alike audiencewhich is designed to identify and target new clients who are similar to your current customers that would be a good fit.

Paid ads can certainly be a very powerful tool when used correctly but remember, more and more people are becoming immune to online ads. The best way to get noticed is to always give value first. As the title of Gary Vee’s book says “Jab, jab, jab, right hook”.

4. Educational

Animated explainer videos can also be used for educational purposes. Whether that be for onboarding and training for recruitment or for an online learning platform for students. Videos can give your new employees the critical information that they need to know and what to expect in your company in a concise and clear manner. Having accessible explainer videos for your employees or for a student will allow them to refer back to what they have learnt in their own time, reinforcing their learning even further.

5. Events

Another great use of animation is for events. A great example would be an animation we helped create a distant while back for the Manchester Medic’s Society Annual Charity Ball.  We created a series of themed, looping animated wallpapers that were projected on the walls around the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. All of the walls were designed to enhance the 1920s theme and transform the venue into a more immersive and unique experience for guests. You could certainly reuse and showcase your animated explainer video at an event.

6. Video Brochure

Video Brochures are bespoke cards that contain a small screen, speakers and USB for holding video content. It not only encapsulates your animation into a branded physical document for you to take it with wherever you wish and it also makes you stand out as most of your competitors aren’t using them. This works especially well for companies selling high ticket products and services as the cost per unit can be very high, but it’s one hell of a way to stand out from your competitors. It’s almost guaranteed that whoever receives it is going to press the play button.

7. Email Marketing

Many of us have gotten used to waking up to tons of email in our inbox which means people are getting desensitised to regular email ads too! This is where your animated explainer video can help! According to Hubspot study, adding videos to your emails can increase click-through rates by up to 300%! Reducing the chances of your email ending up in the bin before it’s even been opened.

8. Repurposed Video

Last but certainly not least is that you can repurpose your animated explainer video by extracting the content. Short clips and graphics from the video can be shared in so many different ways as mentioned above. In this way, you have many graphics and clips that you can share to build more awareness for your business whilst getting the most out of your video.


As you can see from the list, animated explainer videos can be utilised in many ways. It is up to you to pick and choose which method you want to incorporate to build traction and awareness for your business. 

Recent research showed that more than 99% of marketers who incorporate video for marketing will continue to do so in 2021, so if you haven’t already, why not?

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